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PlayStation plus March 2019

Do you want to know what are the PS plus game of March 2019?  There are brand new types of PSP free games in the market now. They are providing different types of gameplay experiences. Have a glance at it.

The call of duty- The modern warfare remastered

This game is part of the modern type of gaming because of its massive series. It is on the year 2007 that the developers of this infinity ward surprised the gaming console world with the modern spin on the famous series filled with action and adventure. The year 2016’s modern warfare remastered series brought back the classics in high definition for the modern generation gamers. It is retaining its top class gunplay and the smart level design. You can download the PS plus this time to play the true FPS classic. It is available in first class 4K on PS4 Pro which will be played in the PS4 system pro and in a 4k display.

The witness

From the makers of the charming puzzle displayer called as the braid in 2008 the creator of the game Jonathan Blow timely returned to the board games and worked the next eight years on a follow up. The end of it is the game called as the witness which is a puzzling set which appears like a dotted island with many puzzles which are interconnected. 

The puzzle is fantastic to see which contains the narrative twists. You will be very much satisfied in solving all of the puzzles.  It has the benchmark designs and the story telling can be described as environmental. You can download this amazing game from the witness on PS this time. Both of these games from the march 2019 PlayStation plus games is available for download.

You can also get the download options for the February’s PlayStation plus titles. 

The assassinations of hitman’s cocktail will keep you busy. You can try to learn to hit impeccably in the game. You can also master the talents to play ‘For honour’s’ art of battle for the dangerous takedowns which can take patience and time to perfect.

If you have not tried these games now is the chance to get them and play. The PS plus are also out now called as the Yakuza Kiwami 2 at 40 %. Other games like Just Cause 4 at 50%. You have to act fast to get the specials. It is available till March 2019. The other free games in the psp plus are as follows.

·        Super Mutant Alien Assault.



·        Zone of the Enders HD Collection



·        Steep



·        Portal Knights



·        Amplitude



·        Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion



These games can be downloaded and played for free in the psp. Enjoy these games which range from adventurous to disastrous. You are required to have the active subscription to download these games for free. You need to be paying or you can also restart the subscription to keep the games that come for this month. These are some of the specials releasing this month.check :- free psn codes